Mildred Johnson

Mildred R. Johnson

Associate Vice Provost for Enrollment Management and Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Rebekah LaPlante

Rebekah C. LaPlante

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Processing, Visitor Experience, and Domicile Support

Kelly Rawlings

Kelly M. Rawlings

Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions

Territory Management, Annual Reporting, Admissions Advisors, Freshman Recruiting, and Non-Degree

Jane Todd

Jane A. Todd

Associate Director for Transfer Initiatives

Transfer, Domicile Support

Lyndsey Costa

Lyndsey Costa

Assistant Director

Athletic Liaison, Transfer Support

Gary Jackson

Gary N. Jackson

Senior Assistant Director

Transfer Support, Corps of Cadets

Alphonso Garrett

Alphonso Garrett

Assistant Director

Admissions Advisor Supervisor, Diversity Support

Kayla St Clair

Kayla St. Clair

Assistant Director

Transfer Support, Diversity Support, Corps of Cadets Support

Chris St Jean

Christopher St. Jean

Assistant Director

Visitor Experience Support, Domicile Support, Transfer Support, Veterans Liaison

Steve Milley

Steve Milley

Assistant Director

Regional Recruiter

Tyler Oxley

Assistant Director

International Admissions

Admissions Advisors

Kaitlyn Carter

Kaitlin Carter

Jaquan Scott

Jaquan Scott

New Student Processing Team

  • Janet O. Alderman, New Student Processing Team
  • Eleshia Conner, New Student Processing Team
  • Rosemary M. Kesling, New Student Processing Team
  • Pamela G. McAlexander, NSPT Supervisor & Data Integrity Manager
  • Jenni Price, New Student Processing Team

Administrative & Support Personnel

  • Samantha Boyd, Department Operations Manager, Domicile Specialist, Building Emergency Coordinator
  • Dianne R. Flinchum, Business Services Specialist
  • Wanda Hamlin, Mailroom Supervisor
  • Geoffrey M. Knobl, IT Specialist
  • Loretta A. Wilburn, Special Events & Travel Coordinator
  • Traci McCoy, Campus Visit Coordinator
  • Mark Mullins, Customer Service & Administrative Support
  • Cindy A. Robison, Customer Service & Administrative Support
  • Pat Mullins, Office Assistant
  • Kelly S. Young, Email Correspondent

Public Relations

  • Alex B. Parrish, Director of Communications
  • LeIrvin E. Hawkins, Web Developer