Jaquan Scott, Admissions Advisor

Jaquan Scott
Jaquan Scott, Admissions Advisor

Majors and Degrees

B.A. in Communication; Concentration in Public Relations

Favorite food

"Chinese Food"

Favorite movie


Favorite weekend activity


Favorite TV show

Bob's Burgers

Favorite Virginia Tech moment

"I've enjoyed every moment I've spend at Virginia Tech."

Favorite meal on campus

"Everything in West End"

Favorite place on campus

McComas Gym

Favorite Virginia Tech tradition

"Jumping to Enter Sandman"

What do you like most about Virginia Tech?

"The sense of community is unmatched."

What is your favorite thing about working in admissions?

"My favorite thing about working in admissions is the joy I get when helping prospective students through the admissions process."

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

  1. "Admissions people do not look for reasons to deny students. We want to admit you. Put your best foot forward on the application."
  2. "Proper research is key and don't be afraid to ask questions."
  3. "Get it done early. Do not put unnecessary stress on yourself by waiting until the last minute."

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