Kaitlin Carter, Admissions Advisor

Kaitlin Carter
Kaitlin Carter, Admissions Advisor

Majors and Degrees

B.S. in Human Development; Concentration - Child & Adolescent Development

Favorite food


Favorite book

An Unsuitable Job for a Woman - P.D. James

Favorite movie

The Wizard of Oz

Favorite weekend activity

"Hiking and Homeplace!"

Favorite TV show

The New Girl

Favorite Virginia Tech moment

"When I was gifted a free class ring by the Class of 2016 ring design committee because I wasn't going to be able to afford one before my graduation and they just couldn't let a fellow Hokie not share in one of the biggest traditions we have here on campus!"

Favorite meal on campus

"West End London Broil and Mashed Taters!"

Favorite place on campus

Holtzman Alumni Center

Favorite Virginia Tech tradition

"Being thrown up in the air after we score a touchdown!"

What do you like most about Virginia Tech?

"The welcoming community - it truly feels like you're a member of a family, not a student on a college campus."

What is your favorite thing about working in admissions?

"Seeing how passionate prospective students are about Virginia Tech from all over! Texas, New York, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, the list goes on! Hokie Love is everywhere!"

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

"Be yourself and be confident in what you have to offer! If there's a component of your application that you're concerned about, talk to us about it, share a story, and let us try to ease your worry and make a decision based on the context you've given us."

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