Marie Schirmacher, Admissions Advisor

Marie Schirmacher
Marie Schirmacher, Admissions Advisor

Majors and Degrees

B.S. Animal and Poultry Sciences - Virginia Tech

B.A. Chemistry - Virginia Tech

Favorite food


Favorite book

"Recently, I’ve enjoyed adventure/mystery books and found myself reading more of the classics. It’s so hard to choose just one!"

Favorite movie

Finding Nemo

Favorite weekend activity

"Crafting, reading or getting outdoors. Blacksburg has so many great hiking trails nearby as well as lakes and rivers."

Favorite TV show

The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Virginia Tech moment

"Junior year I completed a research project and was able to create a poster on the study. I traveled to Atlanta, GA to present this information and actually won my competition. Having been with the research lab for 2+ years and collaborating with so many great people was an unforgettable experience. "

Favorite meal on campus

"Chicken and mashed potatoes at J.P Chophouse"

Favorite place on campus

The Drillfield

Favorite Virginia Tech tradition

"The Hokie Stone on all buildings at Virginia Tech. It really adds to the beauty of the campus!"

What do you like most about Virginia Tech?

"The sense of community and the Hokie spirit. I have always felt welcome and at home on this campus. I’m a big fan of school spirit, so seeing students always wearing maroon and orange while being so proud to be a Hokie is great. "

What is your favorite thing about working in admissions?

"I really enjoy seeing students get excited about the university whether it's me mentioning something about a major or program,  or them falling in love with the atmosphere and traditions. I also enjoy helping answer students' questions and navigate their way through the admissions process."

Do you have any advice for prospective students?

"Put your voice into your application and share your experiences with us! Also, if you ever have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us. This office is here to help you!"

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