Campus Visit Questions

When can I tour campus?

  • Unless otherwise noted in the calendars on our Visit page, our student-led walking tours are typically offered whenever classes are in session. Please see the Visit page for details.

What does the tour include?

  • Our guided tours showcase both the academic and residential sides of student life. Throughout the hour-long walking tour, you will learn about Virginia Tech's academic programs and athletics facilities while going inside both an academic building and one of our gymnasiums. Your guide will also cover Virginia Tech's history, traditions, dining, styles of residence halls, student centers, library, bookstore, and other campus facilities while walking around our campus.

When are information sessions offered?

What does the information session include?

  • The information session is conducted by one of our admissions directors who will tell you about our admissions process, what we are looking for when we review applications, and our wealth of academic opportunities. There will be time set aside at the end of the session for you to ask questions.

When are your Open House programs?

  • Open House programs, which are one-day admissions programs that take place on selected fall weekends, are offered on four dates each year. Reservations are required. Updated Open House information is posted on our website each summer on the Open House page.

How do I get to Virginia Tech?

  • For more information, go to the university's Directions page.

Application Questions

When are applications due?

Fall Freshman Early Decision

  • Apply by: November 1
  • Notified on: December 15

Fall Freshman

  • Apply by: January 15
  • Notified on: April 1

Fall Transfer

  • Apply by: February 15
  • Notified on: May 1


  • Apply by: January 15
  • Notified on: April 1

Applications for spring semester are accepted on a space-available basis only.

Note: Agricultural Technology applicants should call (540) 231-7649. This program has a separate admissions process.

How much is the application fee?

  • The non-refundable application fee is $60 for freshmen and transfer students, and $70 for international students.

How can I obtain an application fee waiver?

  • For students for whom the nonrefundable application fee presents a financial hardship, we accept College Board fee waiver codes. If you believe you qualify for a fee waiver, but do not have a code from the College Board, please ask your high school counselor to email a request for a fee waiver code on your behalf to

What is the minimum GPA required for admission?

  • Each applicant is evaluated within the context of the high school(s) attended. We recognize that GPAs are calculated in many different ways. Admissions' review of grades is based upon the letter and/or numeric grades presented for each class, not the GPA. No matter where applicants go to school, those who have a A/B+ average will be most competitive for admission.
  • For transfer students, a minimum of 2.5 is required, but students with a GPA of 3.0 or better are more likely to be offered admission. In majors where applications exceed available space, such as architecture, communication studies, computer science, and engineering, the competitive GPA may be even higher.

What tests are required for admission?

What are the average SAT scores for students offered admission?

  • See our Freshman Snapshot for the most recently submitted student statistics, including SAT scores.

How are the new SAT scores used in the admission process?

  • Currently, admissions will use the SAT math and critical reading scores when evaluating applications. Writing scores may be used for placement in the appropriate freshman English section if admitted, but will not be used for admission unless the student will not be graduating from an accredited high school.

How about the SAT Subject Tests?

Do you require a foreign language for admission?

  • No, we do not require a foreign language for admission; however, the university requires at least two years of a foreign language (some programs require more) to graduate. This requirement may be met in high school by completing two units of a single foreign or classical language (or three units for students whose majors have a three-year requirement). The requirement may also be met by receiving credit by examination, or by earning six semester hours of college-level foreign or classical language credit (or the appropriate amount required for graduation in the student's selected program of study). American Sign Language (ASL) is accepted by Virginia Tech to satisfy the foreign language requirement.

What is needed to complete the freshman application?

  • The following is needed to complete the freshman application:
    • A check or money order for the nonrefundable application fee
    • High school transcript
    • SAT or ACT scores reported to us from the testing institution
    • TOEFL scores, if applicable
    • A list of courses you are taking your senior year

What is needed for the transfer application?

  • The following is needed for the transfer application:
    • A check or money order for the nonrefundable application fee
    • Official college transcript(s)
    • TOEFL scores, if applicable

If I was previously accepted to the university, took classes, and then left in good standing, do I have to reapply as a transfer student?

  • No. You need to contact the Registrar and ask to be reinstated.

What are Virginia Tech's testing codes?

  • CEEB code: 5859
  • ACT code: 4420

I just submitted an online application and now I need to make a change. How do I do this?

  • If you need to make a change to your application, do not start another application. Simply send an email to Be sure to include your full name on all correspondence. You will get an email confirming your request and informing you of its change. Please see our Application Changes page for a list of common application changes.

Is Early Decision binding?

  • Yes, we do consider our Early Decision plan to be a binding agreement that, if offered admission, you will accept the offer and enroll as a Virginia Tech student (and withdraw any applications you have submitted to other institutions). You can find the most complete description of our early decision plan in the application policies.

I've been waitlisted or denied admission. Can I appeal the decision?

  • Freshman applicants who have been waitlisted or denied admission and have new information to present may request an appeal in writing. Learn more.

General Questions

Do you require interviews? Essays? Recommendations? Personal statements?

With more than 20,000 applications for admission, Virginia Tech neither requires nor grants interviews.

While we do not require essays or personal statements, applicants do have the opportunity to submit any one of the optional personal statements provided on the undergraduate admission application. If there is anything in the school record or testing scores that requires explanation (for example, a dip in grades that occurred during a personal crisis, etc.), then we recommend that applicants use the optional personal statement field to let us know about it. There are also other optional statement choices that we encourage applicants to fill out if there is something special that the applicant can bring to Virginia Tech (in addition to a strong academic record).

Letters of recommendation are not requested; however, if an applicant chooses to send one letter of recommendation, it must accompany the high school transcript.

Transfer students who have questions after reviewing the information in our Apply section may wish to contact one of the directors in the admissions office. If so, they may call or email for more information.

When will I be notified of my admission decision?

  • Fall freshman early decision: on December 15.
  • Fall freshman regular decision: on April 1
  • Fall transfer: on May 1

Is there a deposit required when accepting an offer of admission?

  • A $400 matriculation fee is required to hold a space for each student who accepts our offer of admission.

Is the matriculation fee refundable?

  • The matriculation fee for regular decision freshman and for transfer applicants will be refunded if this office is notified in writing, postmarked by the deadline of the date for refunds, as noted on the Final Requirements sheet mailed with the offer letter:
    • Freshmen: May 1
    • Transfer: June 1

No refunds will be given after the deadline has passed. Refunds are not available for early decision applicants.

Are a certain number of students accepted into each major every fall semester?

  • For most majors, there is no set limit for the number of students who can be admitted. However, we have certain capped majors for which demand far exceeds space.

Do you accept spring applicants, in all majors?

  • Typically, yes, but applications for spring semester are accepted on a space-available basis only.
  • Not all majors are open for spring. Some majors do not have space available, or the program structure will not allow for mid-year acceptance/transfer.

Do you accept CLEP or service credit?

  • Generally, no, we do not give credit for CLEP. Some departments will allow CLEP credit for certain courses.

Can you tell me which courses will transfer to Virginia Tech from colleges I have attended previously?

  • Individual departments and colleges at Virginia Tech determine specific transfer credit for courses completed at other institutions. Students attending Virginia community colleges or other accredited colleges or universities can view the VT Transfer Equivalency Database (TED) online for information on transferable courses.

Can I take classes at Virginia Tech if I am not a full-time, degree-seeking student?

What classifies a person as a nondegree-seeking student?

  • Nondegree-seeking applicants are:
    Note: All students must be in good standing at their current school and have at least a 2.0 GPA to be considered for nondegree student status. Transcripts are required. Individuals who are not currently enrolled must be in good standing at their previous institutions(s) and transcripts may be required.
    Note to summer applicants: A different procedure exists for Summer Sessions. (See for more information.)
    • Students who want to take a few courses at Virginia Tech and transfer them back to their primary college/university.
    • Highly qualified high school students at the junior or senior level who want to get a head start on college requirements.
    • People who need to take a few courses to help in their careers, for teacher certification, or self-enrichment.

If I don't get accepted into Virginia Tech for freshman/transfer admission, can I take classes as a nondegree-seeking student?

  • No, the nondegree-seeking student status is not a way to get a foot in the door at Virginia Tech. It is only for students who meet the specific classifications of a nondegree seeking student.

I've had a change in plans, and I cannot attend the term I'd originally applied for. Can I defer my enrollment?

  • Maybe. Requests to defer will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Read the application changes section to find directions on how to request a deferment of your enrollment.

Do all majors require a personal computer?

  • Yes, it is a university requirement that all students have their own laptop computer, or, in some majors, tablet computer. Computer specifications are provided to all admitted students in the early summer before they enter Virginia Tech in the fall. You may visit to view the current specification and additional computer requirement information. Specifications vary by major.

How many applications do you receive each year?

  • We receive more than 20,000 freshman applications each year and about 2,000 to 3,000 transfer applications.

How many students attend Virginia Tech?

How many in-state/out-of-state students do you have?

  • We currently have about 70% in-state students, 30% out-of-state students.

What is the freshman class size?

  • We generally have approximately 5,000 incoming freshmen each year, although the size will vary from year to year.

What is the current cost of tuition?

What are the requirements for residency?

  • Eligibility for in-state tuition privileges is governed by §23-7.4 of the Code of Virginia. The provisions of this law are set forth, defined, and discussed in the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia's Domicile Guidelines. See our Residency page for more information.
  • Prospective students with residency questions may contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions at (540) 231-6267. Current students may contact the Office of the University Registrar at (540) 231-6252. Additional information is available in the residency instructions and on the Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates.

Do you have tuition reciprocity (academic common market) agreements with other states?

  • No.

Is housing guaranteed for all students?

  • Housing is guaranteed for freshmen. With the exception of cadets, upperclassmen may request on-campus housing by submitting a housing contract at the beginning of spring semester to Division of Student Affairs (Housing & Residence Life) prior to the year they desire on-campus occupancy.

Can freshmen live off campus?

  • Not as a rule. All freshmen are required to live on campus unless living at home with their parents and commuting to Virginia Tech. Requests to live off campus during the freshman year must be approved by the Division of Student Affairs (Housing & Residence Life).

Can freshmen have a car on campus?

  • Yes, freshmen are permitted to have a car, although it is not necessary. The Blacksburg Transit (BT) bus system circulates on campus continuously, and travels to local shopping areas as well as apartment complexes. Students ride free by showing their Virginia Tech ID (the cost is included in the comprehensive fees) to any destination in the local area. For more information about bringing a car to campus, visit

How can I receive information about off-campus housing?

  • Students interested in off-campus housing can contact the following:
    • Off-Campus Housing Office in Squires Student Center: 540/231-3466
    • Housing Connection: 540/951-4928
    • Newspapers
    • Telephone book
    • Real estate agents

Do you offer housing for married students?

  • No, Virginia Tech does not have married student housing. Married students will need to contact the Off-Campus Housing Office at (540) 231-3466 or find off-campus housing through one of the sources listed above.

Do the residence halls have suites? Air conditioning?

  • Some residence halls do offer suites. In general, each residence hall room has two students. There is a sink in the room and a hall bathroom with shower facilities. Air conditioning is not available in most residence halls, though some of the newer residential buildings do have it. See the Division of Student Affairs Housing and Residence Life website for more about Hokie Housing.

What is the social life like on campus?

  • There is so much to do, and a wide variety of options: concerts, athletic events, distinguished speakers, extracurricular activities like bowling, video games, pool, movies, student organizations, intramural sports, and clubs of nearly every type imaginable.

Do you offer ROTC?

  • Yes, we have programs in all four branches of the military: Air Force, Army, Marine Corps, and Navy. More information is available here

Do you have an equestrian program?

  • Yes, we have an equestrian club and intercollegiate equestrian team. For further information, please contact the Department of Animal and Poultry Sciences at 540/231-6936, or visit the Equine Science website at

Do you give Advanced Placement (AP) credit and International Baccalaureate (IB) credit?

  • We give credit for most AP scores of three and above (please refer to the University Registrar's AP Credit page for more information.) Advanced Standing with credit for the IB diploma may be granted to students who attend Virginia Tech after receiving an IB diploma or certificate. Advanced Standing credit will be based on the grades obtained on the IB examinations.

How does one get into the Honors College Program?

  • The freshman application to Virginia Tech serves as the application to the Honors College. Freshman applicants will further be considered for Honors College recruitment scholarships by the honors staff. Students who do not enter Virginia Tech in honors will have an opportunity to apply to the Honors College after they have established themselves at the university and have met the internal GPA requirement. For more information about the Honors College, please visit

Does Virginia Tech have a co-operative education program (co-op)?

  • Yes, we offer the program in more than 50 majors. For more information on co-op, visit

Do graduate students teach classes?

  • 92.3% of undergraduate class sections are taught by faculty and 7.7% by graduate teaching assistants.

How do I apply for scholarships?

  • The most comprehensive information is available at A Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be filled out and mailed to the federal processor by the deadline in order to be considered for most aid and scholarships (The priority deadline for submission is typically late February / early March).

What is the Title IV code for financial aid?

  • The title IV code is 003754.

Does Virginia Tech have an 800 number?

  • No, there is no direct toll-free number for the university.

How can I be readmitted?

  • Students who wish to re-enter in a different major must contact their former academic department. They must be readmitted into the major they were in when they left Virginia Tech and then complete a request for internal transfer to the new major.
  • Students who wish to re-enter the university in the same major they were in when they left should contact the registrar's office to be readmitted at 540/231-6252 or visit

Where can I get a copy of my transcript? Replacement diploma?

How can I get an I-20?

  • Students requiring an I-20 should contact the Cranwell International Center at 540-231-6527, fax 540-231-3808, or