Applying for Early Decision

An Early Decision plan is available for freshman applicants who have strong academic qualifications and select Virginia Tech as their first-choice school. Those interested in the Early Decision plan must check that option on the application form, sign the Early Decision statement, and submit the application for admission on or before November 1. All required credentials can be submitted after November 1, but must arrive by Thanksgiving. Early Decision applicants are notified of their admission status by December 15 and a matriculation deposit must be paid by January 15. Applicants not offered admission at that time may be deferred and receive unbiased consideration in the regular admission process. In some cases, a student may be denied admission and will not be considered with the regular decision applicant pool. (Students denied admission during the early decision process should not reapply for regular decision admission, but may be considered for transfer admission after a year at another accredited college or university.) Note: While Early Decision applicants are eligible for financial aid and scholarships, students whose decisions to attend Virginia Tech depend on financial awards are encouraged NOT to apply through Early Decision.

The university stipulates that applicants who apply to Virginia Tech under the Early Decision plan agree, if accepted, to submit the $400 non-refundable matriculation fee to the university by January 15. This does not mean that Early Decision applicants cannot apply to other institutions, but rather that Virginia Tech is the only institution to which they have applied under Early Decision, and that if offered admission, they will withdraw their applications elsewhere and attend Virginia Tech. If a student does not accept the offer of admission by January 15, the offer will be withdrawn.

Applying for Spring Semester

We are currently not accepting applications for the spring semester.

Applying for Summer Semester

Recently admitted students may request a change in their term of entry to summer by submitting a request to provided their final official transcripts can be sent to Virginia Tech by the appropriate deadline prior to the start of classes for the requested term. Students enrolled in other universities may attend summer sessions as visiting students. High-ability high school juniors and seniors may attend as non-degree-seeking students. For more information on summer sessions, visit

Refund Policy

Regular Decision Freshman applicants who accept the offer and pay the matriculation fee, but subsequently decide not to enroll at Virginia Tech, will receive a full refund of the $400 if their written request is postmarked on or before May 1. Under no circumstances will refunds be provided after May.

Regular Decision Timeline

  • Applications for Regular Decision due Dec. 1, 2017
  • FAFSA Priority Deadline: Jan. 15
  • Virginia Tech General Scholarship Application due December 7 (requires that the FAFSA be completed)
  • Freshman admission decision notification date is April 1, 2017
  • Deadline for acceptance of an offer of admission is May 1, 2017

Early Decision Timeline

  • Applications for Early Decision due Nov. 1
  • Early decision notification date is Dec. 15
  • Deadline for acceptance of an Early Decision offer of admission is Jan. 15
  • FAFSA Priority Deadline: Jan. 15
  • Virginia Tech General Scholarship Application due February 15 (requires that the FAFSA be completed)