For those interested in Agricultural Technology, please select the Freshman Application and then check the Agricultural Technology program to complete the application for admission.

Applying Online

  1. Establish your account
    • Visit this page and enter your account information exactly as instructed on the form to create your account. Be sure to write your user name and password for future reference (when re-entering the system).
  2. Fill out your application
    • Freshman applicants, please visit this page.
    • Transfer applicants, please visit this page.
    • International applicants, please visit this page.
    • Non-Degree seeking applicants, please visit this page.
    • Agricultural Technology applicants please visit this page. (For students who wish to apply to our two-year Agricultural Technology program that prepares students for a wide variety of managerial and technical jobs.)
  3. Make corrections to your data
  4. Save/Pay/Send your application
  5. Pay your application fee online
  6. Check your Activity Log to print a copy, save a PDF of your application, or to learn if we have received it.
  7. Close your browser program when you are ready to end your Web session. This clears your password and secure connection.
  8. Receive email verifying your application has been submitted from ""
  9. Receive email from "" with the subject "Virginia Tech Application Status Page." This email will contain important information about tracking your application status. Be sure to add "" to your address book as you will receive periodic correspondence from this email address.
  10. Receive email with the subject "Virginia Tech Guest Account Invitation" from "" You must click on the link provided in this email and set up a guest account. Learn more by reading our frequently asked questions.
  11. Please check your email frequently!

Applying on Paper

Virginia Tech expects all applicants to apply using the online application.

* VTFreshApp.pdf
Virginia Tech 2016 Freshman Application for Admission
* VTTransferApp.pdf
Virginia Tech 2016 Transfer Application for Admission
* VTIntlApp.pdf
Virginia Tech 2016 International Application for Admission
* VTndApp.pdf
Virginia Tech 2016 Non-Degree Seeking Application for Admission

Need Help?

  • Freshman applicants can view a web-application checklist by clicking here.
  • Transfer applicants can view a web-application checklist by clicking here.


Once you submit your application, don't forget to check your email and set up your Guest Account. Completing this step will give you access to your Application Status Page, which will allow you to see if we have received everything we need from you to complete your application as well as see your admission decision when it is available.