Hometown: Roanoke, Virginia

Major: Public Relations and Political Science

Year: Senior

Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

“I truthfully did not want to go to Virginia Tech, since being from Roanoke, Virginia, only 30 minutes up the road [for college] seemed too close to home. Choosing Virginia Tech at the last minute was possibly the best decision I ever made. Many students come to Virginia Tech already in love with the school, but I can’t describe the feeling of FALLING in love with the school once I got here. Virginia Tech is a school you don’t simply go to but a school that you embody and share everywhere you go. Tech students are proud of their university and that’s what makes the community here so special.”

What advice would you give to high school students looking for a college?

“Unlike high school, you get to choose the place you get to go to college. This will be your home for the next four years. While academics is always important, and Virginia Tech has some of the best choices in that area, you should choose somewhere that truly feels comfortable; somewhere that draws you in and you can see yourself included. Every university has a communit,y but not every university has a sense of unity among students. That is an aspect of college that makes choosing the right university worth it.”

What do you like most about the college your major is in?

“I like College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences because the professors and staff understand me. While Virginia Tech is a large technical school, the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences is the place on campus that understands what I need as a student and how I learn. The college understands that while we go to a technical-based school, we are interested in a different area. They cater to that need and make you feel at ease. Almost daily postings during the school year about employers helped me seek out internships, and next year will definitely help me with finding a job.”

What do you like most about your professors?

“My two favorite professors at Virginia Tech were extremely personable. Professors are not only my teachers, but also other friends on campus. These women made me feel comfortable and at ease whenever we were in the classroom or in their offices. It made it easier to put all my effort into their classes knowing they wanted me to succeed.”

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

“Other than Lane Stadium, I would have to say the Drillfield is my favorite place on campus. A fall day on the Drillfield is the most beautiful part of Virginia Tech. The leaves are maroon and orange. People congregate on the Drillfield; it’s a place of relaxation after a long week or place to sit and watch the sunset. A lot of things define Virginia Tech, but the Drillfield is definitely a staple of the campus.”

What's a Hokie? What does Hokie Spirit mean to you?

“A Hokie is someone who embodies and lives the traditions at Virginia Tech. Hokie Spirit is about being proud to be a Hokie.”

What does Ut Prosim mean to you and how have you experienced or lived it?

Ut Prosim (That I May Serve) has become a staple to my life at Virginia Tech. It means giving back in any way you can and serving those with not only your time, but also your talents. What makes Virginia Tech and Ut Prosim so special is that everyone has their own version of how they embody Ut Proism during their time here. Some students participate in service days like The Big Event or they donate time to local causes. Being in Hokie Ambassadors has been my own way of living through Ut Prosim. I use my time to serve the university by using my happiness at Virginia Tech to help convince students about how amazing the school is. I’m serving my community as well by being a representative of the Virginia Tech population. I want to take all things they feel about Virginia Tech and shine them onto our visitors so they see how special we think our home is.”

What internships, externships, or co-ops have you had?

“In the summer of 2016, I had an internship with the Roanoke city clerk’s office working as a part-time deputy clerk, learning through the courthouse how to process court information, marriage licenses, etc. Also this summer, I interned for Downtown Roanoke Inc., where I did marketing for their Downtown Farmers Market, as well as helped work various concerts in event planning.”

What do you plan to do after graduation?

“I hope to join a public relations agency once I graduate. By joining an agency, I’ll get the variety of public relations [experiences] in different spectrums and I hope that will help me decide something more specific to do with my major.”