Hometown: Durban, South Africa

Major: Industrial Design

Minor: French

Year: Junior



What does Ut Prosim mean to you and how have you experienced or lived it?

“To me, the Hokie Spirit means embracing our motto, Ut Prosim. To always keep the mindset of serving others. That mindset shows not only in all the major philanthropic events Virginia Tech puts up but also the little things that Hokies do everyday, like holding open doors when you’re 50 feet away, chasing after you to return your wallet, and reaching out to you to return your phone that you’ve dropped in the snow (which are all things that have personally happened to me.) What I love about Virginia Tech is being able to trust everyone here. The fact that I am able to leave my laptop and phone unattended in the library and not having worry about it, makes me feel like I am at home.”

What extracurriculars are you involved in?

“Alpine Ski Club Sport Team, Hokie Ambassadors Tour Guide, Environmental Coalition. Being able to share my enthusiasm and love for Tech and show it off to prospective students is my favorite part about being a Hokie Ambassador. Having the ability to influence future Hokies and knowing that you could possibly be one of the reasons why someone choose to come to Tech is the best feeling ever!”

What do you plan to do after graduation?

“Industrial designer, with a concentration in toys or packaging.”