Hometown: Toledo, Ohio

Major: Chemistry

Year: Junior

Why did you choose Virginia Tech?

“When deciding between colleges, I decided on Virginia Tech because it had more to offer than just a college degree. I could tell that going to Virginia Tech would be a different college experience than any other college I visited. After going on a tour and seeing the excitement from my tour guide, I knew someone could not be this excited for a school unless it really was that special. After standing at the Pylons and taking in the whole campus, I could really see myself fitting into the community.”

What advice would you give to high school students looking for a college?

“When looking for a college, do not just chose a college based on the academics. Academics are very important, but going somewhere that you love is more important. You spend four years of your life in college and being somewhere that you actually enjoy is so important. For most people, majors change at some point. But what you are left with is a college campus. Go somewhere that excites you, where you can see yourself going outside of your comfort zone. Go where you will grow as a person. Chose a college that shares the same values as you and will give you all the resources you need to be the most successful version of yourself.”

What do you like most about the college your major is in?

“Being in the College of Science has been a wonderful experience. Chemistry is a big enough department that we have a lot of resources, but also small enough where I feel like I’ve really gotten to know all my professors and the rest of the faculty. Hahn Hall North has become my second home, and I know that I can always walk into any of my professors' offices to ask them questions ranging from academic to life in general.”

What do you like most about your professors? (Or your favorite professor):

“My favorite professor is Dr. [Gordon} Yee. He taught General Chemistry for Chemistry Majors my freshman year. I actually had met him the spring before I started at Tech, when I came for a visit and he took me on a tour of the chemistry department. He always goes out of his way to see how his students are doing and wants to get to know everyone. At the end of the General Chemistry class, he threw us a picnic with food and games. He really helped with the transition to college. I still go and talk to him anytime I have a random question or am curious about different paths for my future. I’ve noticed that the chemistry department is filled with professors who genuinely care about their student’s well-being and want to help you succeed.”

What is your favorite place on campus and why?

“My favorite place on campus is the Pylons. When I first visited Virginia Tech, I can remember standing in front of the Pylons and just knowing that this was the place for me. I love what they represent and it reminds me of why I love Virginia Tech.”

What's a Hokie? What does Hokie Spirit mean to you?

“A Hokie is anyone who loves Virginia Tech. You don’t have to go to Virginia Tech to be a Hokie. A Hokie can be your parents, your friends, teachers, and family members, anyone who is part of the Virginia Tech community. To me, Hokie Spirit is anything from jumping to 'Enter Sandman,' to cheering 'Let’s GO!' at tour groups hoping to get a “Hokies” in response. Hokie Spirit is not just about athletic spirit, it’s about always supporting other Hokies. Hokie Spirit can be found in dining halls, residence halls, and even across the world in other countries. It is everywhere.”

What does Ut Prosim mean to you and how have you experienced or lived it?

Ut Prosim is not just about giving back to the community by participating in The Big Event and Relay for Life. It is that and even more. Ut Prosim is smiling and saying 'Hi' to people you don’t even know. It’s helping someone pick up a book when they drop everything, it’s swiping for someone in a dining hall when they forget their Hokie Passport, and it’s stopping someone and letting them know how much they mean to you and how they are doing a great job. Ut Prosim is being there for everyone, whether they are a Hokie or not.”

What extracurriculars are you involved in?

“Hokie Ambassador Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, Hokie Camp Leader, Leadership Team: Social Media Chair, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Panhellenic: Rho Gamma.”

What do you plan to do after graduation?

“To further pursue a graduate degree in chemistry.”