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Scholarship Deadlines Are Fast Approaching


So, you are in your senior year and are going through your checklist, which may look a little like:

While you are working through your very own list, we want to make sure you are aware of some of our important facts and dates.

First, all we need from you by the application deadline is the actual completed application. Your test scores and transcripts can follow at a later date.

After you submit your application, please take a few minutes to set up your Guest Account. Trust us, do it now and you’ll thank us later! The Guest Account grants you access to the Application Status Page, which is where you will eventually see things like your admission decision and, if offered admission, your scholarship and financial aid award package.

Please know that all scholarships and financial aid begin with the FAFSA at Virginia Tech. Our FAFSA priority deadline is January 15, 2017.

Once you complete your application, make sure you complete the following:

There are various other scholarship opportunities offered by colleges and departments at the university, including but not limited to:

ROTC Scholarships:

Air Force ROTC Scholarship, December 1, 2016 deadline

Army ROTC Scholarship January 10, 2017 deadline

Naval ROTC Scholarship deadline is the end of January 2017

Learn more about university scholarships at